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Fund NJ Pension

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Dear Pension Activist:

Middlesex County EA's Legislative Action Team is sponsoring Phone Banking for Legislative District 16.They are also sponsoring Literature Drops. You do not have to live in that district, which includes South Brunswick, to participate in these activities. 
They are taking place at the Zwicker/Vella campaign headquarters located in the Princeton Shopping Center at 301 North Harrison Street, Suite H in Princeton.  The phone banking is from 5-7 p.m.
If you would like to be a part of this, you can sign up by emailing Joanne Anderson to participate. She will be there on October 8 and 14. The other dates you can sign up for include: October, 5, 8, 12, 14, 20, 22, 26 and 29

Please get involved in these very important initiatives.

Joanne Anderson
President, NBTEA

Tenure Reform and Teacher Evaluation

Guidelines to be followed :

1. Stay alert to any changes in the current evaluation process or the evaluation tools in your school.
Report any changes to your building rep.

2. Keep good records including but not limited to:

a. your students, their IEPs, especially dates of new ones coming in
b. your work with students
c. examples of students work and achievements
d. how students meet core curriculum standards
e. your professional development plan

3. Fill out the "Observation Log" sheet as soon as possible after every observation.

4. Maintain a personal file in a secure location (outside of school) with all documents
related to your employment - including licensing, contracts, evaluations, memos, etc.

5. Pay attention to evaluation developments locally and statewide.

6. Check for updates regulary on the evaluation process in NJEA publications and on their website.

7. Do not relay any information about other members to administrators, principals, supervisors - good or bad - unless criminal activity is observed. This applies to mentors, buddy teachers, members engaged in PLCs, members in the same bargaining unit, members having supervisory/administrative credentials but not hired as district supervisors/administrators.

8. Speak to your building rep or call the NBTEA office to discuss any concerns about your observation or summary evaluation.

For additional information download the NJEA Resource Guide on Evaluation for Teachers: